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2018 National Cyber Summit

The H2L Solutions’ team began attending the National Cyber Summit their first year in business, 2014. Since the summit was in Huntsville, the “Pentagon of the South,” and it showcased the work in which the new company wanted to excel, H2L Solutions became involved to distinguish themselves as experts in the industry. In the four years since, the company, like the summit, has seen steady growth and been on the forefront of change.  The company views the National Cyber Summit as an opportunity to connect with prime sponsors as well as large contract customers and understand their needs. Having that insight allows the company to support those customers and prepare for future industry growth.

Believing in education and workforce development, H2L Solutions attends the summit to learn about and experience firsthand the changes in cybersecurity technologies. Understanding that these new technologies are not only on the leading edge of change but that these transformations drive business, the company participates in the National Cyber Summit to become more aware and meet the needs of the industry.

For the second year, H2L Solutions is proud to be the NCS Lanyard Sponsor, and they want you to have a place to hang your badge after the summit. Everyone in Huntsville wears a badge and everyone must have a lanyard! Badges identify you and give you access to secure areas, and even if the badge changes, you always keep the lanyard.

The National Cyber Summit has always been a leader in presenting the latest in cybersecurity and H2L Solutions is proud to be part of such an innovative event.