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6 Tips for Marketing Your Small Contracting Business

Marketing small government contracting companies is crucial, especially in today’s day of technology.  The concept of marketing a company is imperative in all industries, but it is an element often overlooked in small government contracting companies.

Marketing small government contracting companies doesn’t have to be as hard and tedious as some might think it is. The trick is using the opportunities that are right in front of you to reach your target audience and flourish in your community.

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Small businesses operate with more of a resource disadvantage than larger companies. If you want your small business to compete, leveraging and identifying the resources available to you should be the first step to marketing small government contracting companies.

1. Take Advantage of Your Customer Touch Points

A touch point is anytime a customer or potential customer comes in contact with your brand before, after, or during the purchase process. Taking advantage of your customer touch points is the first step to keeping your customers happy and coming back for more. If you keep your customers happy, then marketing by word of mouth could be one of your biggest advantages.

2. Join in on the Conversation

These customer touch points will turn into social activities, which are great opportunities to market your company. Be involved with those who are talking about you online. When customers see you interacting with them on social media, it makes your company more inviting, ultimately letting others feel more comfortable coming to you for your services.

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3. Establish Credibility

Establish your company as the thought leader in your industry. This designated thought leader could be someone already in your company who is knowledgeable and willing to be the face of your organization. Once this person is chosen, they need to understand the ins and outs of your company and be able to dedicate time to creating strategy and content.

4. Recognize the Importance of Content Creation

One of the most important steps in establishing your marketing is content creation. Use the power of content to tell your story, highlight your expertise, and educate the buyer. Publishing strong content keeps your small contracting company top of mind, establishes credibility, and gives the customer a sense of comfort regarding the skill level of your contracting company.

5. Set Your Company Apart

Using content to differentiate your company is crucial for developing an advantage over your competition. Showcasing your area of expertise and what sets your contracting company apart needs to be a goal, especially for small government contracting companies looking to be competitive.

6. Build Partnerships

Last but not least, build partnerships. Strategic business partnerships are an important part of growing a small contracting company because it gives you access to additional resources and offers a competitive edge. Being on good terms with your customers is obviously important, but being on good terms with those around you in related fields gives you credibility and camaraderie.

Marketing small government contracting companies can seem overwhelming, but taking it step by step and using the opportunities right in front of you can produce positive results quickly.




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