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How to Make the Most of Government Matchmaking Events

An efficient and effective way for government contractors to meet potential buyers is by attending matchmaking events. Some would argue that meeting face-to-face is a lost art, but not in the government contracting industry.

The main purpose of matchmaking events is to allow businesses and contractors face-to-face time with government agencies and potential prime contractors. This is often referred to as speed-dating for businesses. Additionally, these events include networking opportunities, allowing for a more informal connection with both buyers and potential teaming partners.

Matchmaking is extremely beneficial, especially to small government contractors. You just have to make the most of it.

Making the Most of Matchmaking Events


The first thing you need to do before attending matchmaking events is Research.

  • Who is going to be there?
  • Who will you need to make a priority to talk to?
  • How can you help them?
  • How can they help you?
  • Which agencies are buying what you have to sell?
  • How can your help them meet their objective(s)?
  • What can you say to each target audience to grab their attention?
  • How can we make a good first impression?

people at a networking event

Prepare an Elevator Pitch

The next best step to make the most of matchmaking events is to craft an elevator pitch or capabilities statement. The purpose of these promotional items is to show how your business can fill a potential client’s needs. It’s not only about how you can fill their need, but why they need you. To present a strong elevator pitch remember to:

  1. Identify your goal
  2. Explain what you do
  3. Communicate your unique selling point
  4. Engage with a question

Then, put it all together within a 20-30 second speech and practice. Write it down, read it out loud, and practice it repeatedly. Your elevator pitch is your first impression, and first impressions are hard to change.

Provide Marketing Materials

After you deliver your elevator pitch, the potential client is likely to ask you questions about your business, so you must be prepared. Be prepared for any question they will ask and come with marketing materials that effectively illustrate the answers to their questions. Be ready to talk about pricing and why your business is worth the cost. Last but not least, bring business cards so they are able to contact you if they have additional questions.

branded company materials

Follow Up

Follow-up after matchmaking events is critical for maintaining a relationship with potential business partners. So, gather the business cards you collected, send emails, write letters, and make phone calls when appropriate. This helps them remember who you are and why they want to work with you.

Attending matchmaking events prepared and ready to win people over can result in multiple contracts in the months and years ahead to help launch your business to higher levels.




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